Christmas Tree suggestions and preparation?


As you all know, the New Year is approaching. As the streets and houses are starting to shine gradually, I say that we, as the GCC, will try to inspire and act in line with our name. new year tree…

However, the trees you will encounter in this content are not ordinary decorated pine trees, but will be literally a kind of work that challenges creativity.

Yes, with the transition to December, while some of us prefer to light and decorate a small pine tree in our homes in their own style and suitable for the decoration of their home, some of us spend this time of the year saying “but never mind late these”. Maybe the excitement of the little ones makes us move, especially in homes with children. Most of us, especially women who use children as an excuse, do not like it, dealing with ornamental work with lights, I cannot say for myself that this is a therapy. I guess I wanted to share this article from him.

I’ve always been interested in these things. In our time, that is, in the 80’s (I don’t have the condition to hide my age) being a child was more irrelevant than a child in the present; At that time, we usually knew the Christmas tree on TV, or if the New Year’s Eve celebration was going to be held outside in a special place (it was quite luxurious at the time) we might have the chance to see it. Otherwise, in those years when PTT (pajama slippers television) jokes were made, recordings were made on VHS tapes that had just started to be released at that time in order not to miss a moment on television. Goal? Orhan Gencebay, Zeki Müren, Emel Sayın but especially watching the star belly dancer of that year with full attention…

But how! Children, children, young and old are waiting for that belly dancer, and when they come out, the voices rise to the kitchen, “Run, run-and-go belly dancer… ..” The background of that belly dancer is a huge decorated Christmas tree. So now, when there is a Christmas ornament almost even in the local grocery store, think about that time. But the most beautiful New Year tree that night, at 31 December of that year, at 12 o’clock, it would be experienced if it snowed, which once happened to me. It started to snow at exactly 12 o’clock at night; The snow-covered trees on the streets would even step 10 to the most beautiful Christmas tree. As I said shortly, I have always been interested in these things since then. For example, I remember a year when I decorated my mother’s ivy with the ornaments I made from paper and painted at home, vaguely, the mind of the child is here. If my mind is on my mind, I have done something on my own almost a month ago every year. Nowadays, we decorate and light a medium-sized pine tree in our house, and of course there is also a tiny lamb in our house, which does this job with the most enthusiasm.

There are many different trees I have made over the years. For example, I loved the tree on which I painted a piece of twig with white nail polish and hung some paper ornaments. It was also very nice that I made the tree and fishing line, which I made by sticking it with tapes of different lengths on the wall, by tying the twig pieces to the rope… I am sure that an idea will make you very happy, depending on the shape and size of your room. I think one of these Christmas trees, which are both budget-friendly and quite different and creative, will definitely be good for your soul.

Sometimes I love to watch the flashing lights with my warm tea by turning on the music and I believe that one should do everything that is good for one’s soul even if it seems meaningless to someone else.

Maybe they are the things that made us happy when we were children, who knows those who are good for our souls now? 🙂

We wish you all happiness this year, especially for the sake of making your loved ones happy.


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