How to make a cardboard grocery store?


AND deliver our endless greetings to all. A new cardboard do it yourself that is very, very cool for you today: a cardboard market!

I want you to know I’m a huge fan of the results and kids too 🙂I basically did it to train MaĂ© in mental arithmetic, she’s doing a lot of math for school now and she’s starting to learn the 2 and 3’s tables so it’s perfect!

I spent some time there because I did everything by guesswork but I’m showing you everything step by step and it’s not really hard, if you have a shoe box and a printer it won’t give you a few minutes for the easy release!

I wanted this slanted side, as on real machines, and a small screen with paper protrusions on top, but you might be happy with a painted rectangular box on which you stick the keys. and this is already very good!

Here is the step by step:

I’ve posted my findings to Pinterest, if you want printed pages directly I’ll put links to you:

Then take a shoebox or rectangular box:

By the way, initially I wanted to glue everything together with a glue gun and finally chose the tape because it is much stronger and easier

I hope the tutorial is clear and you will do it again at home, feel free to ask me in the comments with your questions, I will gladly answer you!

And send me your photos to page on Instagram :))

See you all very soon .. Share it all friends instagram and facebook.:)


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