She Pours Baking Soda All Over Her Mattress..30 Seconds Later? I Can’t Believe My Eyes!


Cleaning your mattress on a regular basis is important to prevent dust mites and dead skin cells from building up. A clean mattress also helps to promote a good night’s sleep {and who doesn’t need that?}. Although we can all benefit from a clean mattress, it’s particularly important if you are prone to sensitivities, asthma, or allergies.

2. Before you get started on your mattress, strip all of the bedding and mattress covers off of the bed and wash them in hot water (over 130 F). This will kill any dust mites. Add 1/2 -1 cup of vinegar to your wash to remove any extra odors and soften your sheets. If possible, open up the windows to let in some fresh air and light while you clean.


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